Accommodation in the center of town Český Krumlov — Parkán 103

Description of accommodation

The house, which is offered accommodation, located in the historical center of town Český Krumlov, the right bank of the Vltava River and very close to Lazebnický Bridge. Square is just 100 meters away. The origin of the house dates back to the 16th century. It is intersected by the former moat wall, under which it is named and the street where the house stands.

For accommodation you can choose from two rooms and one apartment. Rooms are loft, double, one with windows on the river, in the second room windows facing the roofs and elevated terraces surrounding buildings. Both rooms have a double bed. The loft is also a bathroom with shower and toilet. There is a small fridge in the corridor, from which it enters into all three rooms. Guests can enjoy during their stay on the first floor terrace, where breakfast is also served usual. Due to the higher position terraces, provided some privacy and beautiful views of the river and the Lazebnický Bridge, over which rises the dominating Krumlov Castle massive cylindrical tower of the original castle. It can not overlook another tower with St. Jošt, who is on the other side. Despite railing on the terrace you can watch both "rafting yards" several gardens of local pubs, which are very popular places for refreshment.

The apartment is situated on the ground floor with windows facing the river again. Kitchen apartment is equipped with electric stove, kettle and microwave. Bathroom with shower and toilet is built in a place where going through the above-mentioned fortification wall. Bedroom with beamed, wooden ceiling is a double bed and is used as a small sofa that is also part of the room. It is also possible to arrange additional bed as your wish. From the apartment across the hall to pass out before the house on the waterfront, where guests can use a small stone terrace. The view is the same as the terrace on the first floor. In addition, you are happy to serve you and the waiter side, adjacent pubs. Described house interiors and views can be viewed at the following images making up the content of the gallery.